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Encounters at the Ramen Shop

A collection of short stories powered by A.I.


by | Sep 11, 2022

Tisha was excited to see her friends again. It was hard to keep in touch physically during the pandemic, so this little reunion at the ramen shop was an emotional relief to all of them.

When they arrived, Tisha’s friends were already there, sitting in a booth together. They all got up to hug Tisha and they all sat back down. Tisha sat down next to her best friend, Mia.

“I’m so glad we could all finally meet up again,” Tisha said.

“Yeah, it’s been too long,” Mia said.

The waitress came by and took their drink orders. They all decided to get the house special ramen and some gyoza for an appetizer.

While they waited for their food, they talked and caught up on all the things they had missed. It was so good to be surrounded by her friends again. The pandemic had been tough on everyone, but it was especially hard on Tisha since she lived alone. She was grateful for this little reunion.

“So are you starting to see some people again, now that the restrictions are being lifted?” Sue asked Tisha.

As Tisha processed the question, her eyes started to well up. It had been so long since she had been on a date or even talked to a guy. She missed the physical intimacy and she was starting to feel a little hopeless.

“No, not really,” Tisha said, trying to fight back the tears.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Mia said, putting her arm around Tisha. “It’s been tough for all of us. I’m sure you’ll meet someone soon.”

Tisha nodded, trying to believe her friend. She really missed having someone in her life.

The waitress approached their table with the ordered drinks, but before she could transfer over the glasses to the table a little R.C. car hit the waitress hard on her ankle.

The waitress yelped in pain and the glasses went crashing to the ground, shattering everywhere. Tisha and her friends were in shock as they saw the car zoom away. They all turned their attention to the waitress who was now clutching her ankle in pain.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” Tisha asked.

The waitress nodded, but it was clear she was in a lot of pain. Tisha and her friends helped the waitress to a seat and called for the manager.

The manager came over and rushed the waitress to the back. Tisha and her friends were left speechless by what had just happened. They had no idea who would do such a thing.

“That was really strange,” Mia said.

“Yeah, I wonder if they were targeting her or us,” Tasha said.

“I don’t know, but we should probably go,” Sue said.

Tisha and her friends quickly finished their drinks and left some cash on the table for the waitress. They were all shaken up by what had just happened and they just wanted to go home. 

As they walked over to the exit, they heard the sounds of more R.C. cars approaching. Tisha and her friends turned around and saw a group of R.C. cars coming straight for them.

“Run!” Tisha yelled.

The group of friends took off running in different directions. Tisha ran as fast as she could, but she was quickly tackled from behind by one of the R.C. cars. She felt a sharp pain in her leg and then everything went black.

When Tisha woke up, she was in a dark room. She tried to move, but her hands and feet were tied to a chair. She heard the sound of footsteps approaching and then a man’s voice.

“Ah, you’re finally awake,” the man said. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

Tisha’s heart raced as she realized she had been kidnapped. She had no idea what these people wanted with her.

“W-who are you?” Tisha asked.

“We’re a group of people who are very unhappy with the current state of the world,” the man said. ” Soon, we will be in charge and things will be much better.”

Tisha had no idea what this man was talking about. She just wanted to go home.

Suddenly, the door opened and Tisha saw Mia being dragged into the room. Her hands and feet were also tied to a chair.

“Mia!” Tisha cried out.

“Tisha, they took us!” Mia said, terror in her eyes.

The man laughed. “Yes, we have your friends too. They will be useful to us in our cause.”

Tisha had no idea what these people were planning, but she knew it couldn’t be good. She had to find a way to escape and warn the others.

The man left the room, locking the door behind him. Tisha and Mia were left alone.

“We have to get out of here,” Tisha said.

“I know, but how?” Mia asked.

Tisha looked around the room, trying to find something that she could use to cut through the ropes. She saw a sharp metal object on the floor and she was able to wiggle over to it.

She started sawing through the ropes on her wrists and then she was able to free her hands. She quickly untied Mia and then they both started working on the ropes on their feet.

Once they were free, they started looking for a way out of the room. The only window in the room was boarded up and the door was locked from the outside.

Tisha started pounding on the door, hoping someone would hear them. Suddenly, they heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Tisha and Mia quickly hid behind a piece of furniture.

The door opened and the man walked into the room. He looked around, but he didn’t see them. He started walking towards the window and Tisha knew she had to act fast.

She jumped up and grabbed the man from behind. She put her arm around his neck and squeezed as hard as she could. The man struggled to break free, but Tisha held on. After a few seconds, the man went limp in her arms.

Tisha let go of the man and he fell to the ground. She quickly checked his pulse and she could tell he was dead. She had killed him.

Tisha and Mia were in shock, but they knew they had to keep moving. They had to find the others and get out of there before it was too late.

As they were leaving the room, they heard the sound of voices coming from down the hall. Tisha and Mia hid behind a corner and they saw the man who had been driving the R.C. car. He was talking to another man.

“Did you take care of everything?” the man asked.

“Yes, the girl is dead and the others are tied up,” the man said.

Tisha’s heart sank as she realized her friends were in danger. She had to find them before it was too late.

Tisha and Mia waited until the coast was clear and then they started down the hall. They were careful to stay hidden and they soon found themselves in front of a door.

Tisha slowly opened the door and she saw her friends tied up in the room. They were all alive, but she could tell they had been badly hurt.

“Oh my god,” Tisha said, rushed to their side.

“We have to get out of here,” Mia said. “They’re going to kill us.”

Tisha nodded. She quickly untied her friends and then they all started to make their way out of the building.

As they were leaving, Tisha heard the sound of someone coming towards them. She quickly hid her friends behind some boxes and then she confronted the man.

“Where do you think you’re going?” the man asked.

“We’re leaving and you can’t stop us,” Tisha said.

The man laughed. “You’re not going anywhere.”

He lunged at Tisha, but she was able to dodge him. She grabbed a nearby pipe and she hit him over the head with it. The man fell to the ground, unconscious.

Tisha knew she had to act fast. She grabbed the man’s gun and then she ran back to her friends.

“Come on, we have to go,” Tisha said.

More R.C. cars came after them as they hurried for the exit. Tisha turned around and shot them, one after the other. 

Her time alone at the shooting range came in handy now. She was able to take down all the R.C. cars, but she knew more would be coming.

“Come on, we have to keep moving,” Tisha said.

They all ran out of the building and they got into Tisha’s car. Tisha quickly drove away, trying to put as much distance between them and the people who had taken them.

She didn’t know what was going on, but she knew she had to find out. She had to find out why they had been taken and what these people were planning.

Tisha was determined to get to the bottom of this. She wouldn’t rest until she had answers.

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