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Encounters at the Ramen Shop

A collection of short stories powered by A.I.


by | Sep 12, 2022

The man came barging into the restaurant as I was about to take a bite out of my gyoza.

“Don’t be mistaken everyone! These people are not just here to serve you food!” he screamed, raising his index finger in the air, like a politician giving a speech. “They’re spies, sent here by the government to keep tabs on you!”

The other customers in the restaurant gasped in shock.

“What the hell are you talking about?” the owner of the restaurant said, coming out from the kitchen.

“You’re all in danger!” the man shouted. “They’re going to kill you all!”

And with that, the man ran out of the restaurant.

The other customers started murmuring to each other in fear, while the owner tried to reassure them that everything was fine.

But I knew better.

I knew that the man was right.

The government was behind this. They were using these restaurants as a way to spy on the citizens.

I had to warn the others.

I had to stop this before it was too late.

But first, I needed to finish my gyoza.

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